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Connect Your Students to the World

Stay Tuned for More Info on our September/October 2023 Cohorts

Registration for our March cohort is now closed. Please reach out to us below if you have any questions or are interested in taking part in any future cohorts.

What is a Level Up Village Cohort?

Level Up Village has launched Global Connections, a brand-new and easy-to-use platform with engaging, collaborative courses. These Cohort of paired classrooms, for students ages 12-18, will take part in 4- to 8-week global exchanges with brand new course content to choose from. The exchanges will be in Spanish and English. Guided by our leveled Languages & Cultures course content and student-friendly technology, students will make memorable connections with global peers and deepen their understanding of other cultures.

Benefits for Teachers and Students

With LUV, teachers will...

With LUV, students will....

With LUV, teachers and students alike can be a part of the global movement!

How Do I Sign Up?

Complete the sign up form for each classroom.

Admins should send this form to the teachers participating.

We’ll notify you once your account has been set up and your partner school has been matched.

You can then work directly with your global partner teacher to modify course dates and tasks, if desired.

See complete pricing information here.