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How It Works

What is Level Up Village?

Level Up Village connects students from around the world for a unique global collaboration with an emphasis on world languages, cultures, arts, and sciences. Guided by our carefully curated content, students become digital citizens by exchanging videos and collaborating with their global peers to explore key cultural products, practices, and perspectives through our safe and secure online platform.

Level Up Village Offers

A pairing system that allows you to find and connect with the best global partner match for you.

Courses with themes and objectives that tie directly to international goals and standards (for example, UN SDGs, ISTE Student Standards, and World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages ).

Flexible modules that adapt to your classroom needs with 4-8 weeks of collaboration time.

Real-world tasks that focus on building academic knowledge, global citizenship, and intercultural communication skills.

Student Can-Do Self-Assessment and Teacher Analytic Rubrics that build students’ awareness of their learning and help them reflect, make comparisons, and develop cultural awareness.

How It Works

Sra. Smith and Mr. Perez join the LUV community of global educators.

Ms. Smith’s class in Boston is matched with Sr Perez’s class in La Paz.

Both classes create an online profile and get to know their global peers.

Students investigate Arts & Sciences or Languages & Cultures topics and interact through a series of asynchronous videos and responses.

Students learn about the topics, make cultural comparisons, and reflect upon the connection they made to their global partners.

How are Global Connections
Exchanges Structured?


Students securely exchange introductory videos in order to get to know their global peers, learn about other cultures, and build empathy.



During the next video exchanges, students investigate a cultural, scientific, or arts-based topic, and then share knowledge and perspectives with their global peers.



Students view their peers’ videos, make real-world cultural connections, and continue the conversation through video or text.

Level Up Village Dashboard


Students are guided to think critically and express their perspectives on the global exchange through class discussion and a short written reflection.