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The Vital Role of Virtual Exchanges in Building Understanding and Empathy in Times of Conflict

In today’s world, marked by conflicts and divisions, fostering understanding and empathy among different cultures and communities is more crucial than ever. As the globe witnesses ongoing conflicts, finding ways to bridge gaps and encourage dialogue is essential. Virtual exchanges, as exemplified by organizations like Level Up Village, provide a ray of hope amid these challenging times.

Back To School: How to Get A Head Start on This Year’s Virtual Exchanges – Part One

What aspects of back-to-school planning need to be carefully considered when you’re considering kicking off, or recommencing, a virtual exchange program in your classroom? In this segment, we’ll be discussing integrating your virtual exchange with your curriculum, tech, online privacy, cultural sensitivity, successful collaboration, and professional development. Here are factors to keep in mind regarding those topics, and how Level Up Village has got you covered in each of these regards.

The Magic of Summertime: Virtual Exchanges and Travel

There’s always that one summer that changes you. Potent words that, for us teachers, ought to immediately evoke memories of beaches, mountains, exotic climes, tasty food, laughter, and adventure. And, of course, that’s what we hope our students can experience every time they go on break, no?

Feelin’ Good for the Summer: Three Easy Ways for your Language Students to Stay in Shape Before Your Next Virtual Exchange

Don’t let summer be a drag! You don’t have to assign rote memorization drills, or boring worksheets to keep your students engaged in language learning. Think of fun ways in which you might practice a foreign language: chances are, it’ll probably be fun for your students, as well! And this way, if you have a Level Up Village course planned for the fall, you’ll have your pupils in the best shape for communicating with their new friends abroad!

Hidden Benefits of Telecollaboration

That many benefits come with educational telecollaboration include opportunities for linguistic and expressive growth, increases in intercultural competence, and inspiring digital and global citizenship