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We Are Able to Make a Difference in the World (Student Blog Post)

In school, we’ve been doing a project with a student from another country. My partner’s name was Alexis. He is from Honduras which is located in Central America. Some ways I think we’re alike are, our favorite color is blue and we both want to learn more of each other’s language. What I would like to know more about is their landscaping, so I can draw the flowers and houses. During this project, we also learned Spanish. I believe that I am fairly good at speaking Spanish.Spanish has helped a lot, sometimes I can recognize what Alexis is saying. Since we’ve begun learning Spanish, I really want to learn French.

In Honduras they don’t have access to energy like we do, for instance, the United States uses energy like it’s never going to run out, but the truth is we are if we don’t start using less of it. Honduras, on the other hand, doesn’t have that privilege to energy as much as we do.they can’t just flip a switch like we can. People who live in Honduras don’t have access to the advanced technology we have here in the United States. The United States use fossil fuels to fuel their energy. One day we absolutely will in fact run out of fossil fuels.

During this project, we used a website called TinkerCad. It is like a digital blueprint because it maps out a grid and it gives you specific measurements. You can use or create your own design and if you get permission you can print it out on a 3-D printer. In this website, we are creating a Solar Powered flashlight. It can be quite fun, but difficult at the same time. In Tinkercad when you’re creating the flashlight you must have the correct measurements and you can personalize it by adding special features. The things that must go inside the Solar Powered Flashlight include “the energy box”, the lights, the switch, all the wires, and the Solar Panel.

In this project, we are creating the flashlight to help people in Honduras. If I could create a structure to help a child in another country it would be a machine that can filter water to make it drinkable. It would help that child by giving them clean water to drink. The machine would take the water in and then filter it to make it drinkable. it would help children in Africa because most children don’t have clean water to drink.

This project has been very enjoyable. We’re able to make a difference in the world. It may not be a big change, but if each person would pitch in we could change the world little by little and soon almost everything will be great again.

This article was originally published on the school’s student blog site here