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Making Real Connections with LUV!

by Paula Van Ells, LUV Learning


Who wants to talk about funny memes related to toilet paper shortages?

Or compare how much time they spend on TikTok or playing Among Us? Or complain about trying to play sports while wearing a mask? Hundreds of middle school students from Colegio Champal in Villahermosa, Mexico, as well as the Tynwald School in Harare, Zimbabwe, and Scarsdale Middle School in Scarsdale, New York, had an amazing experience this month talking about all those things and more on LUV’s Global Disruption Live Meetup!

In fact, the kids had such an amazing time and so much to share that they’ve decided they need to keep this conversation going. We’re already thinking through some exciting ideas for the next Meetup! 

How did the conversation get started? Back in the spring, Scarsdale Social Studies teachers Meghan Lahey and Marci Rothman worked with Level Up Village to create a framework for discussion on the topic: “Global Disruption: Your Experiences During the Pandemic.” The subject sounds serious, and it is. Students shared stories of missing their friends, of knowing people who were affected by COVID 19, of worrying about family members who work in the medical field. But they also talked about becoming closer to family, having time to read, learning how to cook, practicing instruments, and generally finding “the bright side” during these trying times. Students in all three countries displayed amazing insight and resilience and boosted each other’s spirits knowing we are all in this together.

Over break, we’ll be hard at work arranging a new topic for these “old friends” to discuss in the new year!