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Four Reasons why is STEAM important

STEAM activity

We know STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) is important, but how do we make these subjects accessible and approachable for children? Starting early may be the key. Here are four reasons why you shouldn’t wait to introduce STEAM:

  1. Add WHY to Creative Thinking. Children are already asking WHY so we should leverage their natural curiosity and use it to drive to science learning.  “Why does it rain? Why do balls bounce? Why am I growing?” are just a few examples of questions that can be answered through STEAM activities. This gives children the opportunity to explore the world around them, get their hands dirty and figure things out for themselves.
  2. Catch Them Before They Start Losing Interest in Science. According to the National Science and Math Initiative, one-third of students lose interest in science in the fourth grade. By eighth grade, that number jumps up to 50%.  Let’s reverse that trend by providing all students with stronger support, engaging hands-on activities and fun exposure before they tune out.
  3. Failure is OK Scientists know that failure is a key component in the process of learning.  But today’s students are used to instant gratification, which leads to quitting early.  STEAM education, with its emphasis on the iterative process, is a fantastic tool to teaching solid learning habits.
  4. Teachers Get STEAM Training, too: Elementary school teachers are not always comfortable teaching STEAM subjects.  Many of them are generalists and are evaluated on how well their students perform in reading and math. However, we find that most teachers want more STEAM in their classrooms.  This is why we are committed to supporting them.  Our comprehensive training helps teachers develop the skills they need to deliver lessons in everything from CAD, colding, dissection, video game design, physics concepts, and more. After delivering a LUV course, teachers are better equipped to bring STEAM to life in their own classroom. Want to find out more? Fill out our contact form to get started.