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Masoom Education Launches “Tech Wheels” Bus in Mumbai


Tech Wheels mobile computer lab is equipped with 21 computers and mobile internet access and will enable Masoom to serve hundreds of students per year who otherwise would receive no computer and technology training.

We are delighted to share that our partner Masoom Education has launched Tech Wheels, a mobile computer lab that will expand the reach of Level Up Village’s pioneering global STEAM (STEM + arts) programs to night school students across Mumbai

“The Tech Wheels project represents an important step forward in improving the quality of education in Mumbai’s night schools by expanding access to Level Up Village’s STEAM programs and intercultural learning opportunities,” said Neesha Rahim, Co-Founder, Level Up Village. “Our innovative courses equip students with 21st century skills and the real-world experiences they need to become compassionate global citizens and secure the jobs of the future.”

Masoom’s Tech Wheels mobile computer lab will visit night schools across Mumbai to deliver Level Up Village’s pioneering STEAM (STEM + arts) programming to students in collaboration with partner students in the United Sates.

Masoom initiated the Tech Wheels project in 2015 after a pilot project with Level Up Village – a technology course in collaboration with students at The Stanwich School in Greenwich, Connecticut. In all Level Up Village courses, students exchange video messages about their STEAM (STEM + arts) projects with global partners each class period, while learning about each other’s daily lives and cultural traditions.

“Thanks to the generous support of Elkem & Level Up Village, this exciting new venture will allow us to provide cutting-edge science and technology programs to our night school students and create interest in science & technology subjects leading to job opportunities in these fields,” said Nikita Ketkar, Founder and CEO of Masoom NGO.



Nikita Ketkar, Founder & CEO of Masoom NGO was joined by Bollywood actor and Masoom Ambassador Ashish Chowdhry (to her left) and others at the bus launch ceremony on February 24th.

Tech Bus is sponsored by Elkem South Asia Private Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Norway-based Elkem AS as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility program. Bollywood actor and Masoom Ambassador Ashish Chowdhry and others were in attendance at the launch ceremony on February 23. In addition to Level Up Village courses, Tech Wheels will also be used to impart Life Skills courses and other community programs to Masoom night school students.

Masoom currently provides educational programming, hot meals, books and other supplies to over 4500 students, the vast majority of which are part-time workers and laborers. Starting with just two night schools, Masoom now works with 47 schools and 3500 students.

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