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Level Up Village Introduces Two New STEAM (STEM + arts) Courses

Teaching 21st Century Skills

Global Web Designers and Global Explorers Build 21st Century Skills and Connect Students with Partners in the Developing World for One-on-One Collaboration

Level Up Village (LUV) is excited to roll out two new STEAM (STEM + arts) courses: Global Web Designers and Global Explorers. Designed to develop 21st Century skills, the new courses include one-to-one collaboration with partner students in the developing world each class period.

In Global Web Designers, students will team up with global partners from a developing country to design and create a website focused on global climate change. While learning about hydro, wind, and solar power, students also learn to understand trends in global climate change. They will use HTML, CSS and Javascript to gain essential skills in website development, as well as learn to problem solve from a global perspective.

In Global Explorers, students become environmental detectives and take a virtual field trip to investigate and explore different animal habitats around the world. Together with global partners from a developing country, they will use a program developed by Junior Explorers to learn about the classification of animal kingdoms as they design and create a shared final project: a green screen multimedia video presentation using videos and images of their chosen indigenous species.

“These two new courses will not only inspire a love of STEAM (STEM + arts), but also give students the exciting opportunity to engage in a meaningful, cross-cultural collaboration with partners in the developing world,” said Neesha Rahim, Co-Founder, Level Up Village. “Level Up Village courses make it easy for schools to offer impactful global programs to their students by providing fully developed curricula, comprehensive teacher training and careful management of the global collaboration process.”

The launch of these two new STEAM courses comes on the heels of two other programs Level Up Village unveiled last month: Global Conversations – Malala Yousafzai and Global Language Lab.

Now in more than 100 U.S. schools, Level Up Village empowers students to make a difference through one-to-one collaboration on real-world problems together with Global Partner students in 23 countries. Level Up Village is a social impact company: U.S. school partners directly sponsor STEAM education in developing countries through LUV’s “Take a Class, Give a Class” model. A portion of the tuition is used to deliver the same class to students at one of LUV’s Global Partner organizations.

Schools interested in offering Level Up Village courses should visit our contact page.