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“Involve me and I’ll Learn” – a Letter from a Ugandan Student to Level Up Village

We were delighted to receive a letter recently from Katrina A., a student at Gayaza High School in Uganda, who reflected on how she was inspired by her Global Conversations: Malala Yousafzai course and Global Web Designers course. Here is an excerpt:

By Katrina A., Student at Gayaza H.S. in Uganda

When I joined Gayaza High School in 2016, I was relatively quiet until third term when I was enrolled in the “I am Malala” class. I was so fascinated with Malala’s courage to fight for what nearly got her killed. It was at that moment I asked myself what I believe in and what is worth fighting for. During this time is when I realized I had a talent, which was speech and confidence…

This year, I was also enrolled in the Global Web Designers class. By this time, I discovered that I’m passionate about the environment and want to help stop global warming and conserve the earth’s resources better. The website I built was called “Change Climate Change” and was based an idea I have had since I was 10 years old.

LUV helped me realize my future career. I really want to be a civil engineer for only one reason: I want to see people get clean and safe and affordable energy.  Hydroelectricity is one of the cleanest sources of electricity. I believe that if it were available and affordable, there would be no need for cutting down trees as a source of energy thus reducing the rate of deforestation.

We could also make good use of plastic for poles and desks without cutting trees which we don’t replace. I believe we should be looking at young people to stop global warming. Building a sense of awareness and responsibility is more productive than trying to make crooked trees straight.

Making friends thousands of miles away has helped me be confident and I hope your programme continues to change as many people as possible. Just thinking won’t get me anywhere. “Involve me and I’ll learn.”

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