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Harvard Expert Says Schools Have a Responsibility to Provide Global Citizenship Education

global-web-designers-course (3)Are you addressing the needs of your students to learn to be globally inclusive citizens? Are they learning the technology and communications skills they will need to navigate our global economy? If not, the time is now.

In an article recently published in Education Week by Fernando M. Reimers, a professor of international education and the director of the Global Education Innovation Initiative and the International Education Policy Program at Harvard University, addresses the issue head on:

“Preparing students to live and work in an integrated world and contribute to improving society fulfills public schools’ intended purpose. But many schools fail to provide students with such opportunities at a moment in history when the need has never been greater… Educators around the world, and the children they teach, must take the time to learn from one another… Using technology, educators can encourage students’ project collaboration with peers in other countries to reinforce these learnings.”

(Full article here: EdWeek: Turning Students into Global Citizens)

At Level Up Village, we’re already connecting students for project collaboration with peers in other countries. Our mission is to globalize the classroom through pioneering STE(A)M courses. We provide the curriculum, the technology, the teacher training and access to our network of global partners around the world to facilitate seamless global collaboration between students. Here are some recent examples:

  • In Houston, Texas, middle school students partnered with peers in Nicaragua to build websites on solar, hydro and wind energy.
  • Elementary students in New Jersey combined design thinking with global interactions and STEM skills when engineering solutions for storybook heroes.
  • Fourth grade girls in New York City used their Spanish language skills in a cross-cultural exploration of the global water crisis with partner students in Nicaragua and Honduras.

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