Virtual Classroom Exchanges

September/October 2023 Pilot

Virtual Classroom Exchanges

Virtual Classroom Exchanges are a collaboration by AFS and Level Up Village (LUV) to provide AFS member schools with a unique opportunity to participate in online classroom-to-classroom exchanges that are intercultural, meaningful, and affordable. Participating schools will be partnered with AFS member schools in other countries. These exchanges have been developed jointly by AFS Intercultural Programs and Level Up Village.

Why participate in virtual classroom exchanges?

For students, the exchanges are an opportunity to...

For teachers, the exchanges are an opportunity to...

How does it work?

The September/October pilot is limited to 20 classrooms worldwide. If your school has teachers who are interested in doing a classroom-to-classroom virtual exchange with another school in the AFS network, please follow these steps.

Teachers who are participating complete a registration form with information about their classroom. With this information, Level Up Village will pair you with another teacher and classroom. We will also set up the teacher account and the online classroom with the course content.

Teachers will attend a required one-hour onboarding session on how to have a successful exchange, including an overview of the platform.

Students and teachers dedicate about one to two hours per week to the exchange, for approximately eight weeks.

For the pilot group, we will also invite teachers to take part in a virtual focus group upon completion.

What is the timeline?



The registration deadline is August 25th.

Onboarding Session

Attend an onboarding session by September 8th.

Start the Exchange

Start the exchange on September 18th or October 9th (there is some flexibility, depending on the pairing).

What are the exchange topics?

The topics for the AFS and Level Up Village Sept/Oct Pilot will include Our Favorite Foods, What Culture Means to Us, and Future Plans and Professions.

In this video, you can watch part of a “Future Plans and Professions” exchange between two students who are talking about language learning and plans for college/university.

How do the students communicate? Is it secure?

Students will exchange asynchronous videos through the secure platform developed by the Level Up Village team at Language Testing International. The platform meets the standards of the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA) in the U.S. and all videos are approved by the teachers. If schools require a Data Privacy Agreement to be signed, these can be submitted to

What language will students use?

Registered classroom pairs will have the choice of doing the exchange all in English,
or 50% in English and 50% in Spanish, French, or German.

Exchange tasks emphasize speaking and listening skills. Courses are offered at three proficiency levels:

Novice HighA1Our Favorite Foods
Intermediate Low/MidA2-B1What Culture Means to Us
Intermediate High/Advanced LowB2Future Plans and Professions
Although students practice language skills, the exchange tasks target intercultural communicative competence.
Teacher Rubrics and Student Self-Assessments based on NCSSFL-ACTFL Can-Do Statements for Intercultural
Communication are available as part of the course.

What is the cost to participate?

For this special pilot program, each exchange (up to 30 students per classroom) will cost US$200. 

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