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Bring the power of global collaboration to your school or district through Level Up Village virtual exchanges.

Our Mission

The mission of Level Up Village (LUV) is to globalize the classroom and facilitate meaningful collaboration between students from around the world. Since 2012, we’ve paired over 1000 classes in 20 countries.

About Us

LUV was founded in 2012 as an educational technology enterprise with the mission of facilitating global collaborative STEAM learning for students 4-13 years old. In 2019, LUV joined Language Testing International, Inc., which inspired expansion into intercultural exchanges for World Languages students as well as global citizenship exchanges for Social Studies classes. In 2023, with over a decade of experience in global education, 20 available exchanges with engaging content, a brand-new platform, and hundreds of enthusiastic partner teachers around the world in our educator community, we stand ready to enrich the lives and learning experiences of students everywhere.

Exchange Topics

Science, Literature, Social Studies, and Languages & Culture. Please click here for exchanges we offer.

How It Works

We pair two classrooms in two different countries to engage in hands-on projects or discuss globally-important topics that are age-appropriate and relevant to their learning.

Global Partners

We work with teachers in the U.S. and pair them with schools, NGOs, learning centers, and individual teachers on every continent except Antarctica!


Students and teachers spend approximately two (2) hours per week engaged in the exchange, which includes students' sharing of teacher-approved videos in our secure platform. The exchanges generally last about 8 weeks. Many of them have flexible start and end times.


Level Up Village has earned COPPA Safe Harbor Certification through Privo. Read our complete privacy policy here. LUV will promptly process your school or district Data Privacy Agreement if needed. You can submit it to:


In 2023, the cost per classroom (up to 30 students) for U.S. classrooms is $600 per exchange for Arts & Sciences exchanges, and $300 for Languages & Culture exchanges. If your institution is looking for sources of funding for this kind of program, LUV has put together the following list of grants.

How will students benefit?

Intercultural communication

Global citizenship


Critical thinking and presentation of ideas

Responsible decision-making

Self- and social-awareness & empathy

Benefits to Your Program

Extend teachers’ professional networks outside their school and district

Leverage collaborative technologies to enhance students’ learning about the wider world

Gain access to LUV professional development and resources for the duration of the exchange

Meet your program/district’s diversity and inclusion goals

Flexible programming options: curriculum enhancement, after-school enrichment, summer programs, language, and STEM clubs

How do I learn more and register?

We are happy to meet with you and offer you a demo of our platform. Please click the button below to find your representative and book a time on their calendar!

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