Global Partners



Dandelion is a nonprofit middle school that serves 650+ migrant workers’ children, all of whom come from very disadvantaged backgrounds. In particular, due to China’s intra-country migration policies, migrant families are discriminated against and do not have access to local public education, health care coverage, or welfare benefits, even if they have resided in Beijing nearly their whole lives. Learn More

Kids Movement of La Oroya

We are the kids of CAMBIALO, and we are organizing an international movement of kids and families to save our hometown of La Oroya, Peru. La Oroya is one of the ten most contaminated cities in the world. In fact, 97% of the kids (including us, the kids of Cambialo!) have lead poisoning. That’s almost 11,000 kids! The source of the lead poisoning is a lead smelter operated by a company called Doe Run Peru which is owned by a billionaire from New York City. Learn More

Rwanda Education Assistance Project (REAP)

REAP is dedicated to supporting the capacity of the Duha Complex School to fulfill its mission to become a model rural public school that can be replicated throughout Rwanda. We believe that every Rwandan child has the ability and right to become an active contributor to the emerging future of Rwanda. Learn More

Udaan… A program of the Vandana Foundation

Udaan, in Hindi, means flight. The program holds true to its name, cultivating and inspiring students to think independently, be creative, learn new skills and stand tall with confidence. Vandana Foundation started as a non- profit company in 2010 to support livelihoods of urban and rural poor. We work across the slums of Mumbai to provide small, low- interest loans to micro-entrepreneurs. Learn More

Vertile Foundation

The Vertile Foundation was established in 2010 following the devasting earthquake that rocked Haiti and left thousands of buildings destroyed and millions of Haitians homeless. The Vertile House, built around the childhood home of Vertile Foundation Founder Rico Changeux, provides a safe haven, food, clothing and an education for orphaned and abandoned children who may otherwise find themselves living on the streets. Learn More