Level Up Village Classes

Biology: Global Doctors in Training

Join us a tour of human body systems through individual specimen dissections led by a local doctor.  Then connect with a global partner student and be the ambassador of your own learning as you share observations and conclusions with one another through video letter or live video conferencing!  Learn More

Chemistry – Global Scientists in Training

Students in this class will explore the properties of water through hands on experiments, by building a model of ground water and creating real, working water filters.  Students will connect each week with a global partner student with little access to clean water, working with them to learn how to solve the global water crisis. Learn More

Engineering:  Global Inventors in Training

Join us on an adventure to transform the world as we know it!  Harness the power of one of the most exciting technologies of our time – 3D printing – and explore the engineering design process to create innovative solutions to a real life, major global issue – a lack of electricity.  Students will learn to wire a circuit, how to use design software, understand the engineering design process and learn the importance of prototyping.  They will hear from and collaborate with their global partners giving the work they do even more context and applicability.  Learn More

Global Philanthropists in Training

Calling all inquiring minds! Like art? Board Games? Meeting new friends? Would you like to become the leader? Pair up with a child from a Level Up Village Partnership school and CREATE and PLAY!  Your class and a class at your partner school will form a bond through inquiry, art and GAMES! Unleash your inner global citizen and philanthropist to put together the pieces of a fundraiser and raise money on behalf of your new friend across the globe! Learn More

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