Global Inventors in Training – 3D Printing

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Global Inventors in Trainings:  Adventures in 3D Printing & Engineering For Social Good

Join us on an adventure to transform the world as we know it!

This 8 session (one to 1.5 hours per class) program offers schools, libraries, museums and maker spaces access to one of the most innovative technologies of our time, 3D Printers.  In a small group setting of 8 students, kids in the GIIT class harness the engineering design process to create solutions to a major global issue: lack of electricity.  Students learn about electricity, how to use computer assisted design software, and walk out with an understanding of the engineering design process as they learn the importance of prototyping and failing forward.  They collaborate with their global partners, currently in Uganda, Pakistan and Mali, through video letter exchanges each week.  This exchange gives the work they do context and real-life applicability as well as give students 21st century skills in global collaboration that are rooted in Common Core Standards.

Level Up Village has tailor-made curriculum for each partner and class. Training, curriculum and resources are shared with the partners in tandem with the classes running in the US, allowing the students to have a chance at real-world learning with virtual exchanges between the United States and global partners.

This is cutting-edge technology, innovation and creativity at it’s best!

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