We offer in-school, after-school & summer courses for K-9 students who want to make an immediate difference in the world while learning about it.

Our unique curriculums stimulate unforgettable 1-to-1 interactions between US students and their Global Partner students - interactions that teach STEAM and design thinking through collaborative, real-life problem solving on an international scale.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-inventors">Global Inventors</a>
Global Inventors

CAD/3D Printing, Engineering
Grades 3-5, 6-8
10 students

Get smart about 3D printing, electricity and the power of iterative design, then follow the Engineering Design Process to invent and print a solar-powered light source for use in your Global Partner's community!

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-video-game-designers">Global Video Game Designers</a>
Global Video Game Designers

Programming, Video Game Design
Grades K-2, 3-5
8-12 students

This is coding with a global twist! Use “Scratch” (or “Scratch Jr.”) to build a video game or animation with a Global Partner student. Show off your skills and hack games together!

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-storybook-engineers-jr">Global Storybook Engineers Jr.</a>
Global Storybook Engineers Jr.

Literacy, Engineering
Grades K-2
6-8 students

Harness the power of fairytale and myth to learn the fundamentals of engineering on an incredible journey. Share your stories and discoveries with your Global Partner.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-doctors-anatomy">Global Doctors: Anatomy</a>
Global Doctors: Anatomy

Grades 3-5, 6-8
8-10 students

Join us on a hands-on tour of human body systems and world health awareness through a variety of fascinating specimen dissections.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-app-developers">Global App Developers</a>
Global App Developers

Programming, Mobile Application Design
Grades 3-5
8-12 students

With your Global Partner, build a mobile app that drives positive social change in this code-to-learn course. Learn to apply the app design process from concept to download.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-video-coders">Global Video Coders</a>
Global Video Coders

JavaScript Programming, Video Production
Grades 6-9
8-10 students

Master unique video effects that YouTubers can only dream of! Put JavaScript and professional video production techniques to good use as you create a social awareness piece with your Global Partner.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-minecrafters-city-builders">Global Minecrafters: City Builders</a>
Global Minecrafters: City Builders

Math, Physics, Minecraft
Grades 3-5
8-12 students

It’s all about angles and geometry as we explore “Minecraft.” Work with your Global Partner to build your own shared utopia where you show off and share math skills.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-minecrafters-crazy-machine">Global Minecrafters: Crazy Machine</a>
Global Minecrafters: Crazy Machine

Physics & Engineering
Grades 3-5
8-10 students

Apply physics concepts in collaboration with your Global Partner student to build a bizarre, Rube Goldberg-inspired Minecraft realm of over-engineered proportions.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-doctors-dna">Global Doctors: DNA</a>
Global Doctors: DNA

Grades 3-5
8-10 students

Learn about DNA and, with their Global Partner student, how genetics can be influenced for better or worse by different environmental conditions.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-scientists">Global Scientists</a>
Global Scientists

Grades 2-4
8-10 students

Access to clean water is dropping worldwide. Learn about the water cycle and how to build a variety of water filters that your Global Partner’s community can use.

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My 7 year old was so excited and inspired by the Global Doctors In Training. I realized that fully when I found him pouring over my old nursing school books instead of watching TV!

Christine G.

Happy LUV parent

This has been an amazing experience for my son. The connection with his global partner is an extraordinary experience; what a valuable gift for future generations. Thank You!

Louise M.

Happy LUV parent

3D printing is touted as the next big thing. But the educational connection wasn’t clear or relevant until I became a LUV educator. That transformational experience helped me learn about 3D printing, but also how it relates to and expands teaching in STEM, design thinking and global awareness – other things we teachers hear a lot about. The experience has carried over into my classroom and been really eye opening for me.

Esra Murray

LUV Educator & Greenwich Public Schools Teacher of the Year 2013

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