Innovative STEM Based After School Programs

Level Up Village motivates and inspires students aged 8 to 12 to harness the power of a globally connected world through a passion for science and invention.
We use technology and student driven, hands-on experimentation to fuel our children’s natural inclination to discover the importance and fun of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) based subjects.
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My 7 year old was so excited and inspired by the Global Doctors In Training. I realized that fully when I found him pouring over my old nursing school books instead of watching TV!” Christine (Greenwich, CT)

Take A Class


Our classes offer the proven learning strategies linked with the latest technologies. Add in premier teachers and our “secret sauce” – video letters that students exchange across the globe – and you’ve got a winning formula. All LUV classes encourage students to work together, build together, and learn together to create strong relationships in addition to new skill sets and knowledge. So choose LUV.

Give A Class


Life is all about give and take,… And so are our classes! When students take a class here in the United States, that same class is given to students in developing countries including Peru, India, Haiti, Rwanda and China who would not otherwise be afforded this STEM based learning opportunity.



Students taking our classes in the U.S. will connect with the group of students from across the globe who were given the same class – affording both the opportunity to learn about and from one another a few times during the course and afterwards, through our closed social network.

Some of our clients:

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