We offer in-school, after-school & summer courses for K-9 students who want to make an immediate difference in the world while learning about it.

Our unique curriculums stimulate unforgettable 1-to-1 interactions between US students and their Global Partner students - interactions that teach STEAM and design thinking through collaborative, real-life problem solving on an international scale.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-inventors">Global Inventors</a>
Global Inventors

CAD/3D Printing, Engineering
Grades 3-5, 6-8
10 students

Get smart about 3D printing, electricity and the power of iterative design, then follow the Engineering Design Process to invent and print a solar-powered light source for use in your Global Partner's community!

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-storybook-engineers-jr">Global Storybook Engineers Jr.</a>
Global Storybook Engineers Jr.

Literacy, Engineering
Grades K-2
6-8 students

Harness the power of fairytale and myth to learn the fundamentals of engineering on an incredible journey. Share your stories and discoveries with your Global Partner.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-doctors-anatomy">Global Doctors: Anatomy</a>
Global Doctors: Anatomy

Grades 3-5, 6-8
8-10 students

Join us on a hands-on tour of human body systems and world health awareness through a variety of fascinating specimen dissections.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-scientists">Global Scientists</a>
Global Scientists

Grades 2-4
8-10 students

Access to clean water is dropping worldwide. Learn about the water cycle and how to build a variety of water filters that your Global Partner’s community can use.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-video-game-designers">Global Video Game Designers</a>
Global Video Game Designers

Programming, Video Game Design
Grades K-2, 3-5
8-12 students

This is coding with a global twist! Use “Scratch” (or “Scratch Jr.”) to build a video game or animation with a Global Partner student. Show off your skills and hack games together!

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/global-doctors-dna">Global Doctors: DNA</a>
Global Doctors: DNA

Grades 3-5
8-10 students

Learn about DNA and, with their Global Partner student, how genetics can be influenced for better or worse by different environmental conditions.

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What people have been saying about Level Up Village:


I would tell other students what it is like to have a random someone out in the world know who you are and how special it is to meet someone that you would never meet otherwise. Until writing this, I didn’t realize what an extraordinary experience it was. It was also very sad to share a last video because I knew that I would probably never see her again and though it was only five two-minute long videos, I didn’t realize the bond that was created and I (and hopefully she) will cherish for the rest on our lives.

Esme M.

Student, Global Conversations Class - Eastern Middle School
Screenshot 2016-01-07 11.43.38

This program gives them a new audience for their ideas and opinions, which is quite validating for young people. It is also important because they are learning how to communicate in a global way, and that is something that will serve them well in the future. What they learned can’t be measured by a standardized test, but it will be measured by their interactions with others as they grow up, and that makes it so important.

Bridget Suvansri

Teacher, Eastern Middle School

I have thoroughly enjoyed the global connection, the literature and the engineering process in Global Storybook Engineers. My class of 12 was excited each week to learn more, have fun and make the videos. I can honestly say this has been one of my favorite after school classes.

Liz Curlin

Teacher, The Lamplighter School

What impressed me was the fact that children were actually able to learn and visualize basic organ systems of various specimens of vertebrates and aquatic species. The benefits of such early exposure would certainly be helpful to students of FIDS by becoming more competitive with their peers from other schools and prepare them for higher learning.

Dr. Alex Mikhailov

DDS, and happy LUV parent at Fisher Island Day School

One of the main pillars of our mission is to provide supplemental education that could potentially lead to career opportunities for youth with limited resources in our area. Through the LUV technology classes, we are able to truly aid our students with life skills that can give them the upper hand in the professional world.

Andrea Keith

Program Director, Asociacion CREAR

The cool technology was secondary. Our students were able to consider the issues facing students in other situations around the world, such as how they have to work with their families during the day and how they have less consistent electricity. In addition, our students were able to see that all children around the world share similar interests and dreams.

Craig Bolotin

Educational Technologist at Stanwich School

Level Up Village courses made our children sensitive not just to the world around them, but to a very different world and showed them how much they still have in common. The Global Partners component of Level Up Village classes is extremely important and worthwhile.

Monika Jasinska

Director of the After School Program at The Cathedral School

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