Level Up Village motivates and inspires students to explore their passion for science and invention through the power of a globally connected world.

Through real-life STEM-based experiences, we fuel our kids’ natural inclination to develop collaborative and design thinking skills.

Our unique, international video collaboration model encourages students to apply their knowledge and creativity against the global issues faced by their new friends who survive on less than $2/day, and cross-cultural sharing sparks new ideas and the realization that, although their partner students live far, far away, they actually have a lot in common!

Our students collaborate directly with partner students in developing countries.

Video letter exchanges and Skype dates help Level Up Village students work closely with their new friends overseas in order to reach a common goal. Given that they are studying the exact same curriculum, the students are able to inform constructively upon each other's work while addressing local and global issues in a contextually relevant and collaborative manner.

Design thinking benefits enormously from exposure to and subsequent cultivation of different perspectives - particularly foreign perspectives! This puts Level Up Village students in a unique and enviable position. Not only do they get to make a new friend but they gain the creative and critical thinking skills that come with intercultural exchange.

There is no better way to prepare for a highly connected future.

We offer in-school, after-school & summer classes for K-7 students.

Additional classes for 1st and 2nd grade students and leadership opportunities for upper school students are currently in development.
<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/?p=1324">Global Video Game Designers In Training</a>
Global Video Game Designers In Training

Use “Scratch” (or “Scratch Jr.”) to build your own video game. Learn how to use your video camera sensor and hack existing games.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/?p=1306">Global Doctors In Training</a>
Global Doctors In Training

Join us on a hands-on tour of human body systems through a variety of fascinating specimen dissections.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/?p=1294">Global Inventors In Training</a>
Global Inventors In Training

Design and build a solar-powered light source using a 3D printer. Study electricity and the power of iterative design.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/?p=1338">Pied Piper Engineering</a>
Pied Piper Engineering

Harness the power of fairy tale and myth to learn the fundamentals of engineering on an unforgettable journey.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/?p=1332">Global Minecraft Builders</a>
Global Minecraft Builders

It’s all about angles and geometry as we explore “Minecraft.” Work with your global partner to build your own utopia.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/?p=1320">Global App Developers In Training</a>
Global App Developers In Training

Build your own mobile app in this code to learn class. Learn to apply the app design process from concept to download.

<a href="http://levelupvillage.com/?p=1310">Global Scientists In Training</a>
Global Scientists In Training

Access to clean water is dropping worldwide. Learn about the water cycle and how to build a variety of water filters.

<span style="color:#9ccc4d">New Classes Coming Soon</span>
New Classes Coming Soon

We're constantly developing new curriculums to encourage real-life design thinking.

We'd be happy to work with you to craft custom class offerings.

Contact us to learn more!

We are proud of our US-based partners.

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My 7 year old was so excited and inspired by the Global Doctors In Training. I realized that fully when I found him pouring over my old nursing school books instead of watching TV!

Christine G.

Happy LUV parent

This has been an amazing experience for my son. The connection with his global partner is an extraordinary experience; what a valuable gift for future generations. Thank You!

Louise M.

Happy LUV parent

3D printing is touted as the next big thing. But the educational connection wasn’t clear or relevant until I became a LUV educator. That transformational experience helped me learn about 3D printing, but also how it relates to and expands teaching in STEM, design thinking and global awareness – other things we teachers hear a lot about. The experience has carried over into my classroom and been really eye opening for me.

Esra Murray

LUV Educator & Greenwich Public Schools Teacher of the Year 2013

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